No Martini, No Party.

No Good Pitch, No Good Startup!

“Hey, what’s your startup about?” Do you remember that awkward feeling last time someone asked you this question?


An athlete is 99% training for 1% of performance.

So, why do entrepreneurs (almost) never practice pitching while they only have one chance to convince a partner, an investor or a client?

By the way, if US startups raise millions, it’s partly because they are great at pitching and charming investors ?.

For these reasons, as EY and Make it, we decided to create Basic-Fit for entrepreneurs: The Pitch Arena! ?


You only get one chance to make a first impression

At least it used to be… Thanks to the Pitch Arena, you’ll practice. And you’ll finally grab this unique chance. Pitching your startup? Piece of cake.

An event created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs, in a unique Startup Life atmosphere.

The next edition will take place on Wednesday 20th of November at SN Cube – SN Factory in Brussels (Kraainem).

You did your homework? Come back as often as you want to get ready to raise billions.

A few more reasons to come…

Oh, sorry, you’re already convinced?

Top notch lineup

The Crème de la Crème to challenge you and help you improve

Startup life

Keynote, chill, music, entertainment, good food & drinks


Meet amazing startup people, just like you!


You’ll get accurate, yet kind feedback to help you improve


Cheaper than Basic-Fit

No bullshit

Concrete action plans to move forward


The Pitch Arena, not only for Pitchers

To perform at their best, performers need a hot audience. Whoever you are, curious mind, entrepreneur or just want to have a great evening, register!

Ok but for real, who’s going to challenge me?

We told you: the Crème de la Crème !

Make it

As a Belgian Startup Studio, recently set up in the US, we confirm that American entrepreneurs are real showmen. And it’s a real asset when you’re raising funds. We thought it was bullshit, but we learn from our mistakes. Hello Pitch Arena.


Bruno Wattenbergh, Chairman of the EY Belgium Innovation Board, is THE master of the pitch in Belgium. Bruno regularly publishes content about “ The Art of Pitching.” That’s the kind of guy, if he pitches your project, you just want to invest in it! Why? Because a good pitch isn’t about charisma, it’s about having the right mechanics.


Every Pitch Arena, you will have new experts, investors or entrepreneurs.


Practical details


Wednesday 20/11/2019 from 6pm to 9pm


SN Cube / SN Factory – 455 Mechelsesteenweg, 1950 Kraainem (7th floor)

Pitch duration?

5 minutes + 5 minutes feedback

Pitchdeck, slides, video?

You’d better spend a few hours on your pitch than on a beautiful pitchdeck.


You can pitch in any language as long as it is FR, NL or EN 😉


Register, you’ll love it! ?

You have a project and want to pitch it? Register!You have no project but are curious about The Art of Pitching? Register!You hesitate because you feel like you lack experience? Register & we’ll give you plenty of content!You want to share your experience as an entrepreneur? Register!You want free food & drinks? Register!You want to have an insight into the Startup Life? Register!You want to understand the meaning of life? Register!You want to know why the WiFi password is p0rnk!ng? Register!